HPP met the representatives of VET schools in the Helsinki area

On the 25th of October, the HPP (Health Promotion Programme) project team met with the representatives of 4 different vocational education institutions from Helsinki area. Teachers and international coordinators from Suomen Diakoniaopisto, Stadin ammattiopisto, Omnia and Vantaan ammattiopisto Varia met in the premises of the Suomen Diakoniaopisto. The aim of the meeting was to introduce the HPP project activities, survey outcomes and Health Promotion study programmes as well as to discuss the possible cooperation in implementing those programmes.

The meeting started with the HPP project introduction. Kairi, Kaija and Annika gave an overview about the project activities, survey findings and developed programmes, where Vocational Education and Training courses were in the focus. After the opening presentation the meeting continued with an open discussion. Each organisation presented their campaign-like activities that they had already implemented, such us “Healthy week” and “VET schools on the move” to raise students’ health awareness. Stadia briefly introduced a newly started international joint project “Mission Possible”.

Discussion about the volumes of curricula revealed that it is hard to make room for new courses even if they are considered important. Teachers also stressed that even in Health Promotion related curriculum, the volume of the Basic Knowledge of Health Promotion should be higher –for example in the studies of Practical Nurses.

Another focus point during the open discussion was environmental health issues which require cross-sectoral attention. We should be able to identify the risk and protective factors affecting health and well-being – not in the future, but already today. This is an understanding strongly supported by the HPP survey as well.

As a conclusion, the main question raised was “How”?

  • How to compile and exploit the expertise that we already have?
  • How to motivate every teacher to become interested in teaching HP related knowledge?
  • How to share teachers’ responsibility towards more integrated management of HP using expertise from a variety of professions, communities and institutions?
  • How to increase students’ interest to become responsible for their own health?

Although there are still many questions to be answered and solutions to be found, the meeting ended with a positive note -to cooperate and stay tuned towards the HPP developed programmes.

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