Board Game "Planning our living environment" now available in Finnish

The Lahti University Campus of University of Helsinki contacted the HPP team in preparation for an environmental event for high school students. One of the workshops was about designing a living environment through a board game “Planning our living environment” by HPP.

More than 600 high school students had the opportunity to participate in the large-scale interdisciplinary event on 17 April at the Niemi campus. Experts from the University of Helsinki, Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology (LUT University) and LAB University of Applied Sciences had prepared more than 20 workshops representing different disciplines, from which each participant could choose two.

In the workshops, the students had the opportunity to learn more about the disciplines of interest for higher education studies, or to try something new and thus discover new interests.

The game was well received by the participants (2×14), and according to the teachers, it could also be used in the social studies class in the future. Due to the specifics of the event, further develop suggestions were also made: bring in unexpected things (such as an environmental disaster or weather-related challenges in the form of a particularly dry or hot summer) that the players then have to deal with. During the final discussion the purchases that affected the finished urban plan were talked through, and finding a balance in the economy-health-environment combination was discussed.

Thanks to this environmental event, the HPP board game is now available in 3 languages: EST, ENG and FIN.

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