No one can whistle a symphony.
It takes an orchestra to play it.
(H.E. Luccock)

Our team consists of persons with very different talents, each whistling their own tune which, put together, becomes a brilliant symphony. Arja and Kaija from the Metropolia have a strong academic background and are the leading force behind developing the methodology for the survey. Hele pitches in with their invaluable expertise in study programme development. Tiina knows the deepest secrets of graphic design, Kadri uses her language skills to dot the i´s and to help out with written communication. And as every orchestra needs a strong conductor, we have Kairi with exceptional organizational and interpersonal skills to make it all come together.

Lead Partner: 
Tallinn University Haapsalu College
Postal address: Lihula mnt 12, 90507 Haapsalu, Estonia

Kairi Märk
+372 5029 181

Tiina Alasoo
+372 5332 5455

Hele Leek-Ambur
Teacher of Health Promotion


Metropolia University of Applied Science
Department: Human Movement and Functioning, Health Promotions
Postal address: Bulevardi 31, 00100 Helsinki, Finland

Kaija Matinheikki-Kokko
+358 4033 40855

Arja Liinamo

Haapsalu Vocational Education and Training Centre
Postal address: Ehitajate tee 3, 90401 Uuemõisa, Estonia

Kadri Kauts
+372 5802 7972

Annika Armipaik-Nukki
+372 5330 0624


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