Metropolia University of Applied Science

Metropolia, Finland’s largest university of applied sciences, provides also Finland’s largest offering in the field of Health Care and Social Services. The extensive education trains experts to almost all professions in its field offering a wide range of thematic competences and experiences relevant for the project, covering 4500 students and 22 degree programmes in Health care and Social services.

Research, regional development and innovation are part of the basic mission of our university of applied sciences. We focus on development and innovation activities, as well as applied research, for the benefit of the Helsinki metropolitan area. Our strengths are high-quality expertise in health promotion and rehabilitation and implementation of ideas into practice. These strengths are served by the multidisciplinary nature of our operations, the abundance of competent people at the UAS and our open international cooperation network. Metropolia is responsible in this project for WP2, including the whole literature review process including national (FI) and international literature, and coordinating the survey processes: -implementation and reporting results. Metropolia participates in every WPs.

Metropolia has extensive experience in project work. Since 1999 we have coordinated and participated in several, multi-professional, national and international projects EU-funded projects, including implementations in the health care settings.

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