One of the main outputs of the project are 10+6 future oriented study programmes in the field of health promotion. Overview of all the developed programmes with their connection to the survey about the future skill needs (conducted in the first stage of the project) is presented on the following chart:

For supporting the designed programmes and their implementation three different kind of study materials were developed

  1. Animation about the use of Social Media
  2. Study video about light pollution
  3. Board game “Planning our living environment”

The below table once more lists all of the 10+6 programmes, when clicking on the programme’s name in a new window a study card will open to provide you more information about its content. In addition to that, the table connects the programmes with the developed study materials:

NoFinal titlePHE/VETStudy MaterialsComments
1Media and communication in Health PromotionPHEAnimation
2Lifestyle counsellingPHEBoard Game
3Designing HP programmes and interventionsPHE
4Living Environment and its health impact
PHEBoard Game
55_Promoting_health_and_well-being_cross-sectorally_PHE_ENG_EST_FINPHEBoard Game
6Global trends and Health PromotionPHEStudy video
7Reducing Health Inequalities and Health PromotionPHEintegrated into several other programmes
8Leadership in Health PromotionPHEBoard Game
9Basics of Health PromotionPHE
10/1Mental health and wellbeingPHE & VET
2Health awareness in different life stagesVET
3Raising wellbeing at work and in everyday lifeVETBoard Game
4Basic nutritionVET
5Addictive behaviourVET
6Health awareness in physical activityVETBoard Game

*PHE = Professional Higher Education and VET= Vocational Education and Training

All interested parties can freely use the listed materials.

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