Midterm Evaluation of Testing

At the beginning of January the teachers from all three partners gathered at the premises of Tallinn University. During two days the first period of the testing was overlooked and analyzed.

One key element of the evaluation was the summary of students’ feedback. After each course the participators gave feedback on how clear the study was conducted, what was done well and where did they find room for improvements. In the presented Students’ Feedback Summary it was stated that the most inspiring part of the course was the teacher: „The teacher’s vast experience and dedication to the field!“. They also enjoyed to have discussions and role plays, peer-to-peer learning and hear practical examples. Involvement of international lecturers was considered to be a huge bonus.

Under the suggestions it was pointed out that the course should rather be divided into multiple meetings, then having long contact lessons and fewer times to get together. They also are expecting to attend a clearly described and structured course that contains more feedback about their progress then just a final assessment or grade. Home tasks and independent work were rather anticipated and the diversity and volume of the provided study material should preferably be higher.

The summary of all the suggestions and comments were looked through together and teachers reflected their thoughts regarding the most memorable thing during the implementation, what they learned from teaching the course and what would they do differently next time.

To support the process of the course programme development, a separate document was created. It is seen as a tool that helps teachers to better prepare the implementation of the programmes and works as a bridge between the study cards and the course programme:

This document can be accessed by clicking here: “Self Assessment Sheet“.

Based on the experiences from the first period of testing we are looking forwards to the Spring semester.

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