Feedback seminar in Haapsalu

At the beginning of June, the participants of different HPP programmes gathered in the premises of Haapsalu College to look back on the testing period.

The aim of the seminar was to

1) present the summary of students’ and teachers’ feedback;
2) Present “Look at my thoughts” competition works and
3) hand out competition related prizes.

The feedback summary was presented by Kadri Kauts from Haapsalu Vocational Education and Training Centre. Although some of the courses are still ongoing, we have already collected the majority of feedback responses. Based on those answers we can say that the average score of the courses is 4,35 (on a scale 1-5, where 5 is the best and highest value).

According to feedback overview, the most valued aspects were the highly experienced and competent teachers and their interesting personalities. Improvement is expected in the fields of study materials and methodology. In general, the course volume mostly met the obtained credit points, the conditions for passing the course were clear and the aimed learning outcomes were achieved. Students also highly appreciated the practical knowledge about important topics.

As became evident from the feedback, students expect greater variability in methodology. During the seminar we asked the participants, what do they consider to be the best way of learning. As a result, “practice” got the highest score followed by “group work” and “independent research”. “Listening to the lecture” was assessed the least efficient method. As for the learning materials, the key word is variety. While structuring the lecture it is important to keep in mind that in addition to slides, there should be supporting materials that help to understand the subjects and to study for the course. Self-test questionnaires that the students can use independently are more than welcomed throughout the courses. As a conclusive recommendation the importance of updating the materials was pointed out.

Regarding the “Look at my thoughts” competition, Ingrid Lõppe and Kairi Kullas briefly introduced their works. The third prize was given to Mirka Peththahandi from Metropolia. As she was not able to participate at the seminar, the project team will deliver the prize to her. All three works in their original languages can be seen here:

  1. Mirka Peththahandi, Ajatuksia tulevaisuuden terveyden edistämisestä
  2. Ingrid Lõppe, Minu arvamus tuleviku tervisedendusest
  3. Kairi Kullas, Tervis ja elukeskkond

Thank you to all the participants and we wish you a nice end of term.

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