Designing the programmes

Partners and teachers involved in the HPP project met in the Tallinn University on the 23rd of March and in the Metropolia University of Applied Science on the 25th of April. After the last meeting, we had agreed on the action plan to develop 11 study programmes for professional higher education (PHE) and 6 study programmes for vocational education (VET). The past several months have been dedicated to individual and group work with the study cards, which we now reviewed together. We also discussed once again the partners’ capacity to test the programmes.

During the meeting in Tallinn, Metropolia UAS presented a model for the divison of the new programmes under five core competencies. This model will be used as basis for creating infographics on the study results and programmes.

The first half of the meeting was dedicated to presenting and commenting the study card of each programme. After jointly comparing the topics, study outcomes and course aims it was agreed that the 11 study programmes for professional higher education will be cut down to 9, since the topics of two programmes were more or less included in one or several of the other programmes. It was decided that the programme “Mental health and wellbeing”, initially intended only for vocational level, will also be implemented in professional higher education.

The meeting in Helsinki concentrated on aligning the content of the study cards and specifying the last details. As a result, the titles of several programmes were modified. The participants also provided input on the division of the programmes to ensure that the infographics will be precise. Meanwhile, the teachers of “Media and Communication in Health Promotion” started to develop the course programme together.

The main goal of the meeting was to approve the last versions of the study cards by representatives of both countries.

The HPP project will consequently result in 15 different programmes: 10 for professional higher education and 6 for vocational education. Overview of these programmes is as follows:

NoProgramme titleOld namePHEVET
1Media and communication in HP Future new media skills for HPx-
2Counselling and lifestyle coachingCounselling & coachingx-
3Designing HP programmes and interventions Designing HP interventionsx-
4Living Environment and Health, Urban HealthUrban Healthx-
5Advocacy for health policy--
6Multisectoral networking for HPPartnership & networking skillsx-
7Global trends & HPx-
8Health equityWorking with vulnerable groupsx-
9Evidence-based HP--
10Leadership in HP(Social) entrepreneurship and innovative approachesx-
11Basics of HPx-
1Mental health and wellbeingxx
2Health awareness in different life stages-x
3Healthy living and working environment-x
4Basic nutritionNutrition-x
5Addictive behaviourAddictions-x
6Health awareness in physical activity Physical activity: awareness and promotion-x

Next step is confirming the plan and timeline for testing. At the same time, 16 course programmes must be created based on the study cards.

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