Seminar in Haapsalu

On the 15th of May, the University of Tallinn Haapsalu College celebrated its 20th anniversary with a seminar “HealthCall” in the premises of Haapsalu Kuursaal. The seminar was built around two projects: our HPP project and the results of the survey “New skills in health promotion”, and the study “Testing Physical Abilities of Estonian School Children, their Physical Activity and Factors Influencing it” carried out by the Centre of Excellence in Health Promotion and Rehabilitation.

The seminar was attended by the alumni, current and former employees, partners and current students of the college as well as other guests, who received an overview of the HPP project as an example of the development activities in Haapsalu College.

The first half of the seminar was dedicated to our HPP project and included two presentations on our activities to date. The first presentation by Kairi Märk and Tiina Alasoo gave an overview of the project goal, funding, partners and what has been done so far. We are a little past the midterm of our 3,5-year-project – a lot has been achieved, but the important steps of creating and implementing new study programmes are still ahead. Since we have already been actively developing the programmes, Laura Hein, teacher of multimedia in Haapsalu College, presented “Media and Communication in Health Promotion” as an example of the new programmes.

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