Registration is open

It is official: registration to the Health Promotion Conference 2019: Creating Health Promoting Environments is now open.

This year the conference is dedicated to the cooperation between different fields to create living environments that support health.

People’s health and health behaviour as well as their options are influenced by the surrounding living environment – physical, mental, emotional, economic, political as well as social. Although it is often discussed that knowledge alone does not change people’s behaviour, most activities are focused on raising awareness. How can we reach the state where the environment at home, at kindergarten, at school, at the workplace, within the community and country helps to promote and maintain health and encourages healthy choices regardless of the educational background, gender, age or place of residence?

The HPP project team will conduct two parallel sessions during the conference:

  • Session III: Simulation game “Planning the Living Environment” will set the focus on physical living environment and health awareness. This session also offers the chance to actively reflect on and discuss the environmental aspects. The game is lead by Kairi Märk, HPP project manager.
  • Session VI: ”Psychosocial environment, addictions and health” consisting of three presentations will provide insights to the impact of psychosocial environment on mental health, to the nature of addictive behaviour and to means of focusing on health. The session is opened and led by Hele Leek-Ambur, the curator of Health Promotion Specialist curriculum in Tallinn University Haapsalu College. Psychologist and lecturer Indrek Linnuste will discuss the problem of addictions and the professor of social health care in Tallinn University School of Governance, Law and Society Merike Sisask will focus on the issues of mental health.

More information and updated agenda are available at
Participation is free of charge. Registration is open HERE until May 27th.

We are looking forward to seeing you on June 4th at 10:30-16:30 at the Creative Hub in Tallinn (Põhja pst 27a)

Agenda in Estonian and in English can be found here.

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