HPP presentation during the EKEÜ seminar in Kuressaare

The Estonian Association for Advancement of Vocational Education (EKEÜ) is a voluntary organisation, established in 1999 with the purpose of uniting independent individuals with certain interest and concern about the future of vocational education to an association. On April 11-12, EKEÜ celebrated their 20th anniversary with a two-day seminar in Kuressaare and offered the HPP project team the wonderful possibility to make a presentation on our activities.

Our task was to prepare and implement the morning session of the second day. We divided our presentation into 3 parts:

  1. Overview of our project;
  2. Practical task and
  3. Invitation to implement the developed programmes.

During the project introduction, the director of HKHK Ingrid Danilov underlined the importance of HP related knowledge in vocational education. As a practical task, Kairi Märk and Tiina Alasoo led the simulation game: “Planning our Living Environment”. The participants were divided into four groups and given the task to think about and agree on the city plan of a hypothetical town, to compare their plan with those of other teams and thereby to reflect and discuss the environmental aspect of Health Promotion. To conclude our session, Annika Armipaik-Nukki introduced the vocational educational programmes developed during our project in more detail.

Although some programmes are still tested, the first information about the programmes is already freely accessible.

Here are all EKEÜ seminar presentations.

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