Pop-up seminar in Myllypuro

Cross-sectoral cooperation is the key of improving health and well-being and reducing health inequalities.

We would like to welcome you to join our HPP pop-up seminar on Tuesday, 9 April 2019, from 9 to 12 in Myllypuro campus (in the lower lobby, MPA1014, Myllypurontie 1, Helsinki).

The aim of the event is to discuss about the most relevant facts and needs related to the future competence issues and the Health Promotion training programmes that we have developed to meet these needs.

During the even we will:

  1. Talk about Social Media and Health;
  2. Try to answer the question: What affects our health and well-being?
  3. Present research outcomes: Future skills for Health Promotion.
  4. Play “The Meeting simulation game (from 10 till 11) and have more information about the “Look at my thoughts” competition.

The event is supported by our partners Metropolia Library, TEHY and HUS.

For further information please contact the project actors of Metropolia:
Kaija Matinheikki-Kokko,
Johanna Manninen,
Asta Lassila
email: firstname.familyname@metropolia.fi

The event is free of charge and requires no registration.

See you on 9th of April in Metropolia!

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