Dear students

We invite you to participate in a competition “Look at my thoughts organised by the HPP project.

The aim of it is to collect different visions about future health and well-being. All received summaries will be gathered and used as valuable input to improve the developed programmes. The most interesting and fascinating approaches will also be published on the project website.

Therefore, we ask you to share your ideas as a short summary under the title: This is what I think about the future Health Promotion.

The short summary1Short summary can be a comprehensive and brief abstract consisting of introduction, body text and conclusion. Other solutions are also welcomed. should be 300-350 words 2It is about 2500 characters. long and we ask the author to add a photo that illustrates the content.

Among all the participants 10 activity monitors will be given out. In addition to the lottery prizes, the project team will award the winners of the following categories with 5 power banks:

  • Especially striking photo
  • Very meaningful approach
  • Fully combined unity
  • Best copywriter
  • The sharpest pencil

The competition is open until the 20th of May 2019 and will be concluded with a formal lunch seminar on the 3rd of June at 11 a.m. in the Haapsalu College. During the seminar, all participants will be thanked, the most remarkable works will be credited and the lottery prizes will be given to winners.

For participation please fill in the following fields

0 min 1000, max 5000, expected ~2500.

  • By submitting you confirm to be the author of the work (text+photo) and give the HPP project permission to publish it under your name in the project website and use it for dissemination activities.
  • Collected data will be used only for the good of the HPP project and not shared with third parties.
  • If you wish to withdraw your work, please write

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